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Enterprise LMS is a sophisticated learning management system that enables you to develop, deliver, manage and evaluate sophisticated learning programmes to meet your organisations' training objectives.

Classroom Learning

Classroom enables you to manage every aspect of a training event. You can create a course, including a content overview, set the price, define a location, schedule dates, allocate instructors and assign rooms. Classroom automatically sends out provisional booking notifications, confirmation of the course booking, joining instructions and post-course critique, all with appropriate automatic reminders if required. Develop a customised course programme drawing on in-house and / or external training providers: schedule dates, availability, pricing, etc.


eLearning enables you to seamlessly add eLearning content to your portfolio, allowing you to deliver on-demand training effectively. eLearning will play any SCORM or AICC compliant eLearning as well as offering the option to 'SCORM wrap' your own eLearning content if required. eLearning can be fully integrated with SkillPort, the eLearning environment created by SkillSoft.

Video Learning

Video Learning enables you to deliver approved video content to your employees. You can make use of existing video clips that are widely available on Google YouTube®, or you can create your own content. You can also link video content to programmes to provide blended learning sessions.

Evaluation Manager

Evaluation Manager enables you to gather 360 degree feedback of your training programmes throughout the booking process and after the training event, to ensure delegate satisfaction Employees can self assess their current skills level, or knowledge, before the training event and at fixed points in time after the training event to show improvements as a direct result of having received training, giving you the confidence that you are delivering appropriate training and that you are getting the best value from your training providers.

Assessment Manager

Assessment Manager provides your delegates and employees a self-service means of completing relevant assessments online to ascertain whether or not they need to complete further training to meet compliance standards. This approach greatly reduces inefficiencies and cost of unnecessary training and makes administering compliance standards far simpler. You can define what to assess via a series of multiple choice questions or an assessment quiz across any topic key to your business.

Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager provides a single interface to manage your compliance standards efficiently. You can build complex certification tracks, track accreditation, certification and compliance. Delegates can be given a self-service means of completing relevant assessments online to ascertain whether or not they need to complete further training, can automatically attain certificates when qualifications are completed or exams are passed, as well as being alerted when qualifications are about to expire.

The Learning Network

The Learning Network enables you to access and manage a portfolio of courses from multiple training providers through a single web interface. The Learning Network allows you to search and compare training courses, dates, and prices, alongside your own in-house courses and gives you control and flexibility to publish exactly the right courses to your delegates. The Learning Network will bring you improved processes, save you time and money and increase your training ROI.

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